Children's Home






One of our goals at Living Word is to create disciples for Christ. Children can begin at an early age how to share their faith with others. With our activities and programs, children will be taught God's Holy Word, be encouraged to share what they learn with others, and have opportunities to serve others. We emphasize the importance of the church and the home working together, utilizing the efforts of the family the church body to share the love of Jesus Christ.

Our teachers will be blessed to minister to these little disciples for Jesus Christ.


BELIEVERS' BRIGADE (Sunday School 9:00am)

Mission Statement: Our goal is to lay foundations for your child's spiritual development, and to creatively provide age appropriate Bible teaching: Bible concepts, essential Bible skills, and foundational Bible stories. These small groups are age/grade divided in both our preschool and elementary grade visions.

CIA - Children In Action (Children's Church 10:30am)

Mission Statement:  Our children enjoy an exciting time of kid-friendly worship with God's Word taught in a creative way through praise and worship, drama, games, and hands-on activities. They experience age appropriate Bible-learning activities which are planned with a specific goal in mind, teaching spiritual truths.

SILLY SQUAD (Sunday 6:00 pm)

Mission Statement: What a very cool time we have in this class! In this class, 4 year olds through 5th grade children learn about the Bible and its importance to the non-believer as well as the believer. They play games and compete in contests as they study and memorize God's Word.

BIBLE BOOT CAMP (Wednesday 6:30pm)
Mission Statement: During the middle of the week, it’s time for fun again. In our Wednesday night classes, our children are able to share their personal praises and struggles for prayer time, learn God’s will for their lives, and learn how to apply His truths. These classes are divided just like our Sunday morning classes

PRAISE PLA-TUNE (Wednesday 5:30pm )

Mission Statement: We believe that music stimulates brain growth throughout early childhood, enhances a child’s motor development, and improves academic skills. It also introduces a child to a world of emotional expression and creativity. Our music program prepares our children for special music and drama throughout the year. We present two special programs each year, Christmas and Easter.

WEE CAMP (Nursery, all services)

Mission Statement: While providing a nursery with loving and caring volunteers, our young families are being blessed. We help hard working moms get refreshed spiritually by attending our services, knowing that their babies are being well taken care of. This allows them to go home and be spiritually prepared for the hard task to raise children with Christ as a central part of their lives.


VBS - Our Vacation Bible School provides an opportunity for the children of our church and community to learn about God. It allows them to learn through fun and interactive activities like music, Bible stories, skits, crafts, games, and more! Our VBS is usually held towards the end of June.


SPRING PICNIC - Celebrating the end of winter and the freshness of Spring, we have a church wide picnic. This is held on our church grounds, and our people get together and watch our children play games and enjoy a special presentation of the Gospel (usually with face painting).


FASHION SHOW - Our first fashion show was such a success, that we decided to make this an annual event in our church! We included all ages, male and female, who modeled their favorite outfits on the runway. The characteristics of Christ and fruit of the Spirit were shared and presented during the show as well. We also celebrated the evening with cake and punch.


HARVEST PARTY - As we look toward Thanksgiving, and praise God for His blessings, we have a desire to help those in our community who may not have all that they need during this time. We will get together and fellowship as well as collect items that will bless the people in our community. We have food snacks, crafts, games, inflatables, hay rides, and plenty of fun as we share God's love with each other and our community.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS PARTY - This is our time to have a birthday party for Jesus. We make crafts, have “snowball” fights, eat fun foods, and have birthday cake.